Text Encryptionator
Privacy is important. When you send information online these days, who knows if it is intercepted or read before it reaches its destination. Romaco Text Encryptionator uses a digital adaptation of the One Time Pad encryption technique to encrypt messages. One Time Pad is considered one of the only unbreakable encryption techniques in existance. Text Encryptionator can encrypt and decrypt messages, generate keys, and even use existing documents as keys.

Text Encryptionator is Discontinued
Currently at Version 1.0.2
Download Stable
System Requirements
Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
Restructuring and New Website
Timeout Discontinued
Timeout 3.1.4 Fixes Auto-Start Bug
Timeout 3.1.3 is Ready for Download
Timeout 3.1.3 On The Way
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