Software Development Stages

Romaco Canada classifies each application under a development directive. These 'phases' indicate the status of the application being built. Below are detailed descriptions of what each stage means.

Heavy Development:
When under heavy development, the application is being rapidly developed. During this phase, there will be many releases. Since most of the releases that come out during this time are aimed at fixing bugs, most of these releases are not perfect.
New applications usually start out in Heavy development, and progress towards the Standard Development Phase.

Standard Development:
In standard development, the application is still being developed, but the urgency to make changes and new versions is much lower.
New versions with bug fixes and new features will still come out during this time, but will be fewer and further between.
If necessary, an application's status may change back to Heavy Development.

Alpha Stage:
In the Alpha stage, an application is usually unstable and most features and upgrades are untested, or tested very little. This is the stage where Romaco Canada is adding new features. Bugs are commonplace. New features may be implemented in sections, and may be incomplete at certain times. These releases are intended for testing only.

Beta Stage:
In the Beta stage, an application is fairly stable, and most features and upgrades have been tested to some extent. This is the stage where the finishing touches and bugfixes are put in place, so the application can be released shortly after. New feature additions during this stage are rare, but do happen.

Suspended Development:
If an application is in a state where it is far from where Romaco Canada wants it to be, and it is not currently being improved, it will be put into suspended development.
It is hard for our small company to keep developing multiple applications at once, so some less popular applications are suspended for a while.
During suspension, the application will have no updates or new versions. When the application is to be brought back under development again, it will be put into either Standard or Heavy Development.

Discontinued Development:
After an application has met Romaco Canada's expectations as well as the users' needs, and there are no further things to fix or add, or if there is not enough interest in the application, it will go into the discontinued development phase.
In this phase, the application will not have new versions.

Please note that these are references for software from Romaco Canada only.

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