Who We Are

Romaco Canada (prenounced raw-ma-co (rɒ-mə-koʊ)) is a second-generation family company owned and operated by Mark Furneaux, based in Canada. We offer consulting on hardware, firmware, and software for embedded computing products. We used to produce non-profit applications for Windows and Linux operating systems as well as offered web development services, however we are no longer developing those applications nor are accepting new clients for web development services.

Romaco Canada is a proud supporter of open source applications and operating systems. Romaco Canada encourages you to help free/open source software.

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Restructuring and New Website
Timeout Discontinued
Timeout 3.1.4 Fixes Auto-Start Bug
Timeout 3.1.3 is Ready for Download
Timeout 3.1.3 On The Way
Datacentre Switch