Romaco Canada produces its software free of charge for your enjoyment. Because of this, we do not offer any warranties or guarantee anything about our applications.

The term 'application' refers to any code (source or executable), software, or file that is distributed through this website.

You are entitled to use our applications under all settings including but not limited to commercial and residential.

You are entitled to redistribute our applications under the following terms:


Romaco Canada provides applications without any warranties or guarantees and is not liable for anything. We will try to correct any problems we can through our online inquery system, yet we cannot be held accountable for our software. You are using our software at your own risk.

You are not entitled to modify, dissasemble, or otherwise change the function of our applications, and subsequently redistribute them.

While Romaco Canada offers its software to be redistributed, we do not allow redistribution of our logos, trademarks, or any other non-software aspect of our company.

If you wish to perform an action that is hereby disallowed, or if you would like clarification on any of our legal policy, please contact us.