Updating Timeout

It is recommended that if possible, you uninstall the previous version of Timeout before installing the new version. If you are experiencing issues after an update, you should try a reinstall.

To Remove:
- If you can, run the installer of the previous version, and click remove.
If you do not have the installer:
- In Windows Vista/7, navigate to Control Panel>Programs and Features>Romaco Timeout, and click remove.
- In Windows XP, navigate to Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs>Romaco Timeout, and click remove.

To Update:
1. Click the version to install from the Timeout page.
2. Click 'Save'.
3. Choose a directory to save the installer to, and click 'Save'.
4. Wait for the download to complete.
5. Stop and close Timeout. Make sure that it's not running in the system tray.
6. Run the installation package by double clicking the file wherever you saved it.
7. Proceed with the prompts to overwrite the new version. You may be required to authenticate on Windows Vista/7.
8. Once installation is over, you can start Timeout, which will have been upgraded to the new version.

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